Save The Date // September 28

You can now sign up and select your volunteer route online.



Help feed families in Edmonton


Edmonton FoodDrive

In support of Edmonton's Food Bank

It’s time to help replenish the cupboards at Edmonton’s Food Bank. We believe that families helping families is the quickest way to do that! It's as easy as taking a walk on a Fall day.

The week of the food drive, a few days leading up to the September 28, volunteers deliver bags to homes on their food collection routes.

People living on those routes will be able to donate simply by placing non-perishable food items on their front step. The day of the food drive, volunteers will pick up the food on their routes after 10am and bring to a collection site.

For volunteers, you can now sign up and select your route online.

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How You Can Help

Ways You Can Help

You can volunteer for either delivering and collecting donation bags, or participating in food donation.


Step 1

Sign up and select your route

Step 2

Pick up the donation bags from one of our locations

Step 3

Deliver bags to your route on Wednesday or Thursday of the food drive week

Step 4

On Saturday, collect food donations and bring them to the drop-off site


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4


popular questions

For more help, please contact 780-851-5505 or [email protected]

How do I sign up for a route?

You can simply and choose the route where you'd like to volunteer. Most volunteers sign up for both delivering donation bags & collecting food donations and bring them to the drop-off site. But, you can also sign up for just one of these tasks depending on your availability.

Please note, while the Edmonton Food Drive covers the entire city, the online route sign-up is currently available only for the Edmonton North East area.

Where do I pick up the donation bags?

The donation bags are available at these locations.

When do I deliver the bags?

Please deliver the bags on your route either on Wednesday, Sept. 25 or Thursday, Sept. 26.

What if I run out of bags or have leftover?

If you run out of bags, you are done. Alternatively, if you are feeling motivated, you can pick up extra bags for delivery.

For any leftover bags, kindly return them to the bag pick-up site or bring them back to the food donation drop-off site on Saturday, September 28.

When do I start collecting the food donation?

We suggest starting food donation collection at 10:30 or 11:00 am on Saturday, September 28 to allow people more time to leave their donations outside their doors.

Where do I bring the collected food donations?

Please bring food donations to these locations.

What if I lost the bag or my food donation is larger than the bag can hold?

No worries at all. Simply leave your food donation outside your door before 10:00 am on Saturday, September 28, and our volunteers will be sure to collect them.

What do I do if my food donation hasn't been picked up?

If your food donation has not been picked up by 2:00 pm on Satuday, Please contact the number on the bag or dial 780-851-5505.

Can I drop off the food donation myself?

Absolutely! Please bring food donations to these locations.

I am interested in other volunteer opportunities

Giving back is awesome! Please visit for more volunteer opportunities near you.

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